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This site depicts exclusive artwork, i.e. proprietary, unique high-quality artistic digital 3D renders of imaginary, fictional characters created in a graphics software. The website has been created for artistic and entertainment purposes and provides picture stories that can be viewed as slide shows. All the characters and situations depicted in the artistic renders on this website are completely fictitious. Child battery is plainly wrong and the owners of this website oppose it unequivocally. Assaulting another human being in a domestic context is wrong and often illegal. None of the material presented on this website is intended to encourage any viewer to conduct or imitate in real life the practices or situations depicted in the artistic renders on this site. There are no photos or pseudo-photos on this site. No videos are available on this website. All the imaginary, fictional characters depicted in the artistic renders on this site depict adults, 18 years old or older — parents and their adult teenage daughters — set in a historical setting, when a correctional parental spanking of a teenage daughter was commonplace. None of the material presented on this website is intended to convey the impression that any character is under 18 years old. We reiterate that the owners of this website unequivocally oppose child battery. At the same time, the owners of this website recognize a notion of a spanking fetish, which has nothing to do with child battery or with assaulting another human being. It is purely in the recognition of the notion of the spanking fetish, and for the pleasure of spanking fetishists, that the imaginary, fictional characters of the adult teenage daughters depicted in the artistic renders on this website submit to strict parental, correctional discipline and corporal punishments set in an environment of a loving family. In this context — and in this context only — the correctional discipline depicted on this website has one aim only — to be in the best interest of the daughters and to help the daughters’ long-term development by keeping them on the straight and narrow. In this context, the imaginary, fictional parents depicted in the artistic renders on this site follow the motto “spare the rod and spoil …” and spank their adult teenage daughters frequently, using, inter alia, a strap, a cane or a paddle. In this context, as long as the imaginary, fictional teenage adult daughters depicted on this website live under the parental roof, they must submit to a strict discipline and corporal punishments, which are illustrated in the artistic renders on this website.

In principle, this artistic  website does not per se engage in pornography or in depictions of sexually explicit or sexually obscene situations. In conjunction with spanking scenes of adult teen daughters, while some nudity is inevitably depicted in the artistic renders in a manner that is intended to be incidental, the aim of the artistic renders is never to expose private parts in a targeted manner. The bottom line (no pun intended) is that a strict parental discipline of a daughter in the past, in order to be truly effective as some argue, had to sometimes involve a thorough spanking of a young lady’s bare bottom – and fictional artistic renders thereof are a part of this website. It is possible that in some cases bare breasts are also visible in the artistic renders on this site, if a young lady is asked to strip before or after spanking as part of punishment. The website also includes artistic spanking-related digital audio recordings, which were created using the text-to-speech technology and digital audio processing software.

By continuing to use this website, you confirm that you have read the foregoing with understanding and that the artistic renders and audio recordings, as per the foregoing descriptions, are not offensive or upsetting or insulting or disturbing or obscene or otherwise objectionable to you.

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The materials contained in this website are provided for general artistic and entertainment purposes only and do not constitute any suggestion, encouragement, advice, offer or inducement of any sort. 

By continuing to view this website, you acknowledge that you have been informed that this site deals with imaginary scenarios or spanking fantasies for artistic and entertainment purposes. You should not assume that we believe that spanking children is right or an effective form of discipline. You can visit websites such as Positive Parenting for tips on disciplining children without spanking. By continuing to view this website, you also confirm that you have been informed that, in general, parents are advised to ensure a prudent approach to children using the Internet; parents are advised to consider solutions offered by service providers such as Cyber Patrol or Net Nanny.

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